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Here we are, all three of us are back in Grimsby and working each day to prepare for the second half of our Canada wide trek. 


A few things have changed since last time. Firstly, we will have Jude, the van Jewel converted to drive with us and sleep in! Yay! This means no more soggy tents and hard ground! (Except for Joseph, who has offered to sleep in a tent, what a trooper.) Jude is a Mercedes Sprinter Van Jewel bought using money saved up for a university degree. She chose the 'University of Life' and I think it was a good choice! Jude has a kitchen, running water, a bed, and storage space. This means the 70-90lbs packs that were on our horses will be no longer! Which the horses will be very happy about, enabling fast pack up times in the morning, less weight, and quicker walking pace. We will also be able to carry more feed for the horses, leaving us more prepared. 


Joseph has added some new equipment to his arsenal (including a drone) as well as greatly improving his skills as a videographer and photographer over the past year and a half. As with the girls, the van will also help Joseph with reduced packing times, less weight to carry and more time to edit video on the road. 


We have a new horse! It was a VERY hard and sad decision for me to retire and sell Lux. An opportunity came up for him to have a forever home, only 5 minutes away from our house in Grimsby. Lux, who is now 14 or 15, also had the signs of developing arthritis. We never want this trip to negatively impact our companions, so we made a difficult call and tried to do what's best for him. I miss him and think about him every day, and I will continue to on the trip. He was my best friend for a long time, and I am forever grateful for all he’s done. Our new horse is Phoenix. Good friends, Melissa and Mark offered us this little paint, and after meeting him, we think he is a great fit! Phoenix is 12 years old, extremely hardy, down to earth and all around a great horse. We’ve been bonding over the last few weeks, and I think he will do really well on the road. We still have lots of training to do, but we will ease him into the trip like we did the first time. 


Right now, our departure date is May 1st from Kenora, Ontario! If all goes well with the horses, us, Jude, equipment and weather, we should be right on schedule! I will continue to write blogs every day, so keep an eye out for Part II! 


 - Katarina Keca