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Katarina is a free spirit, a fire sign, wild at heart, many have tried to tame her and a few have come close. Though the minute she feels her spirit being squandered, she breaks free. She’s a conversationalist, an Empath, a storyteller, a good friend. With a strong sense of right and wrong and always leading with compassion. She’s courageous with intelligence and extremely goofy. Sometimes she feels she too sensitive for the world, so she uses her craft, acting, to process, release and reflect back what she feels to the world, hoping to make it a bit more bearable for someone else. Endless days on the road with her horse and her sister have created a path for her life, one she feels she must follow. Katarina is enthusiastically anticipating the second half of the trip, and can’t wait to see where the roads will lead her.

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Jewel is 20 years old, and the 4th & final Keca child. She recently got back from Victoria BC, where she was living in a van for 2 months while completing a pro dog trainers program. I am now back in Grimsby, ON where I work part-time at a dog store, as well, I walk & train dogs. I love good vegan food, The Office, thrifting, pretty sunsets & my pups. Every morning must start with a coffee, or 3. I also eat a lot of avocados. I wouldn’t say I’m anti-social, but I like people in small amounts and enjoy my alone time (with my dogs of course). I have a lot of places I want to see and experiences I want to experience, but riding my horse across Canada with my sister seemed like a good place to start.

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Growing up, we shared a room together. So I guess you could say we were forced to get along, but it never really felt like that. We were both generally happy to be around each other and have always been friends. Of course, we fought and there were the occasional claw marks but it was few and far apart. Even now we still get in arguments but then it's like "hey I'm going for a ride wanna come?" We may not talk but there's the mutual feeling of forgiveness. 

Although we have similar physical characteristics, we are both very different from each other. Katie would be described as more outgoing, confident, the leader if you will, while Jewel is quieter, does her own thing and tends to be a follower. Its what makes us work so well as a team though. We have what the other one lacks, but also teach each other constantly.

Our passion for animals, nature and health keeps us close at the roots. No matter if Katie ends up in the city acting, and Jewel ends up on a farm with 12 dogs, our hearts will always belong to the earth and its creatures, and there we find our connection as sisters stronger than ever. 

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Joseph is the eldest of the four Keca siblings. He has a passion for music, film, photography and athletics. He decided to join the trip just a few days before leaving for the East Coast. Joseph Creates all the video & photo content as well as writing music for the videos.  His ultimate goal is to create a documentary of the whole cross-Canada trek. 

Since finishing Part I of the trip, Joseph has continued to spend his time travelling. He’s visited 9 countries, learned to scuba dive, met amazing new friends and continued to build his freelance skills.

He’s very excited for the second leg of the journey (especially because he won’t have to carry 80lbs on his bike every day now that they've got Jude). He can’t wait to capture the journey in new and exciting ways; it’s going to be a fun one!

Check out his work here!